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Welcome to Rainbow Sky.

A bit about Rainbow Sky. At age 13, I began small ventures with my many hobbies. So I have been around for while and the salves and herbals are thank to my grandad Rossman his father and many before them. Rainbow Sky Feel all religions and walks should honored as long as they harm none and have positive intent. "Won't we all be surprised when walk through our separate demominational doors to heaven and were all in the same room." We offer a wide variety of products at low or comparable prices. We also offer a service that if don't see it ask in many case we locate or find what you are looking for and its not limited to the items you see on site if legal we will try to find it!

I have become well know for BOO BOO OIl ans SALVE which we ship all over the world. And even through the word is getting out lowing we want all of you to know about our Boo-Boo Oil. Which with luck will soon be going public in stores and etc. It is a combination of 43+ essential oils blended to just the right proportions to promote the healing process. These oils are known for their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-infection, anti-spasmodic, and other qualities.Such as circulation stimulators, decongestants, and immune system strengtheners. We and our customers have used it on respiratory situations, headaches, allergies, bruising, sprains, bug bites, rashes, scars, diabetic sores, cuts, scrapes, arthritis,spider veins, spider bite, to back out ticks then use to heal the wound and most any other ailments we or you use it on as the list grows with everyones input.. Not for use by pregant women as any essential oil should state. We can only make our claims according to folklore of this product as we are not qualified medical authorities or practitioners. But we do have people that swear by its healing qualitys and that enough for me!

This was website stemed from a friend (Bill aka Booger) when came into my store and teased me about turning the smaller gemstones and excess wax from candles into a recycled candles and put them on Ebay as well as my store front. What was born was the ugliest yet most awesome candle ever to date is still my best seller whether it me 1, 10 or 50 at a time. These became my signature at shows, sca, Ebay and on this website. What still may considered to be hobby by some has been not only a challenge but my sanity through many hardships very much non profitable since quality products used to make them are pricey but keeps me from getting bored, while helping people afford the finer products available at half costs of mostfor this quality! Still a whole lot of fun and will continue to do it until I'm gone. We ask that you link us and tell your friends so we stay affordable. Thank you friend whom first suggested I make these funny little candles. I am about developing the mind, body, and spirt with growth on all higher levels for the good of all. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer some items may not be your belief system as I said we honor those whom do hurt or harm (we work in the light and are guided by a higher power no matter you may choice to call him or her). "Won't we all be surprised when those doors to heaven and find were all in the same room no matter what faith we chose as long it fo good of all whom we touch!" Please enjoy the fact we offer great affordable prices, specials and sales so get on newsletter list for even FREE merchandise opportunities. And again please Link us and tell your friends so we can stay this way, without the high costs of avertising that inflating our prices so we can offer you greal deals. Without you help we can't offer you specials, lower prices and first quality products less then most other dealers. And yet same better quality.... If want to send us left over wax send it RAINBOWSKY/MEALS PO. BOX 120 Clintonvile Pa. 16372. Please include a return address and phone number so we can send a gift in return yepp some ugly little gemstone candles LOL. Thank You Rainbow Sky

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